Paulette Talks x Self Love.

On February 24th I was glad to attend Paulette Talks at Galeries Lafayette organised by Paulette Magazine and its director Irene Olczak.

In the beautiful apartment of the Galeries near the Conciergerie, the conference gathered a panel of strong and creative women including my day one friend Jacyra Moreira Salbot Project Director at The Story Lab Agency.

The Talk was about self-love and how do you/we love yourself/ourself today ?

It was host by the journalist Douce Dibondo (extimité le Podcast) and the panel was made of :

Self love is crucial in today society. When everything is liked, judged or commented, how do we keep on loving ourselves ? While we are constantly compared and exposed, how do we focuse on ourself ?

This Talk was extremely interesting and the 5 womens gave us their advice and routines to take care of themselves mentally, physically and emotionnally.


This quote is extremely powerful ! If you don’t like yourself or your keep your bad energy and hurt feelings within you…You will hurt people around you !

Indeed, it is important to love yourself, to understand who you truly are, the high, the lows, the ugly, the gold…before opening your heart to others.

It can be in a relationship, a friendship and of course a professionnal partnership. If you are struggling with self-esteem, do not give up on yourself ! We spent most of the time with ourselves, so if you don’t like yourself…Sis’ you need to get back on your track as soon as possible !

Here are some advice I do to keep it up with the Queen in me :

  1. Do an activity that makes you happy : I’m a Hip Hop dancer, I love to dance. When I quit my job in 2018, I get back to dancing…it was the best thing I’ve ever done to keep on being happy, free and of course to keep my mind busy.
  2. Say “No” ! : This one is really important. Saying “NO” is an act of selflove. It doesn’t mean that you are becoming selfsih in the wrong way, this just means that you are thinking of yourself first. Don’t put yourself into situations that make you feel uncomfortable emotionnally, physically and mentally ! This one is hard for me, because of my lack of self-confidence, indeed I used to please everyone. I don’t like to disappoint people , but I’ve put myself into so much uncomfortable moments…that now I’m improving everyday.
  3. Write your victories : small or big, it doesn’t matter ! When I do something good and I am proud of I write it somewhere so I can re-read when I feel bad.
  4. Keep you finance in shape : I used to be a big spender, I love shopping, I don’t know if it is because I am getting old but I’ve learn to take real care of my financial situation.
    “So many of us don’t realize the role finances plays in our feelings towards ourselves and our self-worth,” notes Tami Sasson, LMSW, a clinical social worker and therapist based in New York.  “When you get right with your finances, you begin to feel more ease and freedom in your life.” (source O, The Oprah Magazine)
  5. Last but not least spend less moment on social medias…Instagram can be a real self-esteem killer and you will keep on comparing yourself’s life to people holidays, relationships or outfits…Do a #gramdiet your REAL LIFE is good !

Enjoy this new week and listen to my selflove anthem !

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