Stay Home Playlist #4

How are you doing today ? We are entering the 4th week of the quarantine here in France and I strongly believe that music, arts and literature (culture generally) are healers during this period.

Last week I have watched the documentary “The Black Godfather” on Netflix. A documentary about the life of Clarence Avant, an entrepreneur, business and music executive (Sussex Records) who had an impact on many artists, politicians and businessmen’s careers such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Diddy, Quincy Jones or the late Bill Withers who died last week at the age of 81.

This documentary was pretty interesting.

First because I had never heard about him before; and I was totally amazed by his influence in the entertainment industry but also the whole African-American community.

His impact was also dued to his help to white companies such as MGM or ABC on learning how to deal and make room for African-American artists and public figures, and he’s managed to do it all while remaining completely behind the scenes.

This documentary reminded me that the most powerful people aren’t those on the spotligtht ! “Sometimes real power is behind the scenes, helping people achieve their dreams,” Nicole Avant, Clarence Avant’s daughter and producer of The Black Godfather, told The Hollywood Reporter.

That is what Avant did, he has paved the way and launched careers of many from the early 60’s unil today. My Stay Home Playlist # 4 is dedicated to him and brings together the soul and funk artists of the 70s he influenced, and also those who make me feel like dancing !

To end this article I will quote one of my favorite entrepreneur :

To live our lives with an infinite mindset is to live a life of service.

Simon Sinek.

The playlist is available on Spotify and Deezer.

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