Wale is back in Europe after 7 years.

Since the end of Groovy Brain, it has been a while that I didn’t write about music. I knew I will be back to music review but I just needed to find time in all my projects lol.

On February 5th I was glad to see the DC rapper Wale on stage. 1st when I heard the news about his new album “Wow…That’s Crazy”, I jumped on my spotify account to listen to it…and I LOVED it !

I’m not a big fan of Wale, I don’t know every of his songs… but I what do know is that when the Nigerian artist drops a new tune, he never disappointed me. Fom “PYT”, passing by “BAD” or my favorite one “The Matrimony” his lyrics are always on point.

His new album “Wow…That’s Crazy” is really a masterpiece. From the lyrics to the beats, the album tackles different subjects such as women, black excellence or mental health as we know the rapper went to therapy. Wale is a beast and he hast proved it on stage last wednesday at La Bellevilloise, Paris. He is able to make us go banana on some banger beats or seat and think on some chilly vibes.

My favorite songs are :

  • Sue Me ft. Kelly Price :  By starting his album with this song, he directly brings us into the subject. The song is on ode to Black Excellence and thanks to Kelly Price it sounds like a Gospel. This is a great introduction.
  • BGM : because I love is undeniable love for Black Women, this is a great “Feel Good” song.
  • On Chill ft Jeremih :  Jeremih is my favorite “hooks maker”. I am not a fan of him, but he his the person to call when you need to have a great hook; listen to what he did on “Secrets” with Burna Boy. This song reminds me of some 2000s good R&B.
  • Routine : This is a perfect trap tune. ENERGY is the word to define the trio between him, Meek Mill and Rick Ross. I feel like I want to rob a bank !
  • Love Her/Fault : good make up/break up song. His collaboration with Bryson Tiller is by far my favorite song of the album.

His versatility is undeniable and (unfortunately) underrated. Indeed he is not as famous as the other rappers of his generation, but his talent is most definitely on the same level. His carrer had many ups and downs due to label issues, indeed he was not able to make shows outside the US for several years. If you are not a real Hip Hop lover, you don’t know about Wale.

We could see it on Wednesday night, the venue was not full and some people doesn’t know about him before the show…but it was still a great show. I look forward to was is coming next.

Wale’s album is easy listening and is exactly what we need !

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