eeH Studio is a creative marketing and content production agency.

We help brands to understand the potential of contemporary cultures by providing consulting and producing services.

Our jobs is to create impactful campaigns, content and stories through a cultural spectrum.

Hip Hop culture aficionados, we work with the best global talents within our Culture to tell your stories, share your values and entertain your audience’s life. 

Founded by Estelle Ebenga Hénot , a multi hyphenate creative and Sup de Pub graduate, recently published in a list of 13 creatives to follow in the acclaimed  book « Don’t Get A Job Make a Job » by Gem Barton.

eeH Studio is driven by the Culture in many forms.

WE CREATE means that creativity is our playground, we bring your ideas into reality.  

WE CURATE means we’re always searching for amazing new talents and artists that will resonate with your audience.

WE PUSH CULTURE FORWARD means that we are part of this Culture and we want it to last.

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