Creative Direction

Our process is : we oversee it all, guide all the pieces so they create a beautiful picture while still maintaining to your goals.

Creative Strategy

Being creative allows you to stands out and we make strategic choices to develop the launch of your brand or product. We create the idea behind the idea and redefine your brand.

Culture insight

As we both understand the culture and its insights, we provide consulting for brands.

We enable companies to understand and integrate the potentials of the culture into their strategy.

Public Speaking / Guest Lecturer

Public speaking for conferences and panels talks in fashion business schools, brands’ HQ, festivals, cultural events.

Conferences, lectures and seminars.

Public lectures, formations and conferences in fashion, business and communication schools.

Influencer Marketing

Access to top global and creative influencers, we also bring more diversity to your campaigns.

Project Management

We manage from 1 to infinity your project, from briefing to delivery.