My expertise is composed of 4 labs. In each lab, I propose consulting sessions or/and formations.
Interested ? Curious ? You can make an appointment now !

Lab #1 - Brand Design

Create an identity that perfectly reflects your brand, and deliver creative strategies and contents that produce lasting emotions !

Content Marketing

Lab #2 - Digital Communication

Success in hip hop combines marketing wizardry with a hustler’s mentality. So I definemy digital lab as all things digital.

Together we will :

- CREATE sustainable and measurable marketing strategies.
- DEFINE your social media strategy and create impactful social media campaigns; with original contents and experiences to retain your digital audience’s attention.
- IDENTIFY and connect you with the top Hip Hop influencers and artists in France and Europe.

Social Media
Influencer Marketing

Lab #3 - Events & PR

In a full digital world, an event can add more value to your brand and your company.
I will implement events as an essential tool in your communication strategy.

Event Management

Lab #4 - Styling & Fashion

I provide also my styling skills for everything from editorial, music videos and advertising work to brand consultation and product development.

I am thrilled to offer you a full-service production, casting, location and scouting department.

Product development
Production - Shooting
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