Ilondzo is the first name of the choreographer but also of her maternal grandmother. Originally from Congo-Brazzaville, her grandmother Ilondzo loved to dance and sing with her friends in her village Makoua, the choreographer wishes to pay tribute to her by spreading her “joie de vivre”.

The Ilondzo company was created in May 2019 and In/Her Blossom is the very first project. The company aims to set up Hip Hop culture oriented art projects in Ile-de-France, Hauts-de-France
and abroad :

  • Live shows and performances in theatres and cultural structures
  • Workshops to promote the Hip Hop culture: choreographic workshops, training activities, jam sessions, dance classes
  • Encourage artistic research, creation and production in partnership with other dancers and choreographers, but also other media (visual arts, music, theaters, performances, videos and films)