OMEK x Nike Black Employee Network

To celebrate Black Achievement Month in the Netherlands, Nike and Omek joined forces with Nike’s BEN & Friends (Black Employee Network) to host a dynamic panel discussion at Nike EMEA HQ about the power of bicultural identity alongside Anthony Harrison (ex Senior Director of Graphic Design and Identity at Adidas).

Thanks to Kemo Camara (Omek’s founder/Diaspora Expert) and the Omek team for inviting our founder to this panel talk but also for the amazing work they are doing in the Netherlands ! 👏🏾

During this panel, Estelle was able to share her journey as a creative to illustrate the importance of leveraging bicultural identity not just as a personal strength but as a source of creativity, innovation, and professional growth.

At eeH Studio, our motto is to push Culture forward and we are glad to connect with organizations like Omek and Nike to explore and create more through our different identities. 

« Beyond personal perks, bicultural identity is a force for positive change, a bridge between cultures, communities, and 🌏.It’s about using your unique experiences to make the world a cooler, more understanding place. »